Illustration Work
For as long as I remember, I have loved to draw. To create something from nothing, starting with a blank piece of paper, that enables me today to give a handmade touch to work that my clients require of me. Here are some illustrations both for personal and client-facing projects.
Artist Trading Card
Based on popular TCG (Trading Card Game) formats, I designed one for myself and my work,
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13th Street Comic
A story that me and my sister wrote up over a decade ago now immortalized in webcomic format for everyone to read.
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Character Portrait Series
A collection of illustrations featuring characters from Digimon and Amazon Prime's Vox Machina.
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Teri the Plant
Illustrative work that brought an emotional support (fake) planter to life.
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UN Women
Storyboards for a movie for the Anandi foundation as a partnership with the United Nations Women Charter.
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