I'm Aadi.
Scroll on to discover who I am, where I come from and what I like to do in my free time.
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Origin Story:
Born in the City of Pearls in India, Hyderabad, I was the first child to two extremely loving parents who made sure they nurtured the artist in me growing up. My childhood was spent ripping Beyblades, collecting Pokemon cards, and trying my best to perform a Kamehameha wave in real life.
More than anything, I turned whatever I surrounded myself with into inspirations for art. My early drawings were replications of things I loved, and also comic strips of stories I wanted to tell myself.
I also loved language. The ability to express yourself verbally and the multitude of meanings a single sound can convey was both fascinating and perplexing to me growing up in a multilingual household. This fascination led to my love for public speaking from a very young age, which I still think is one of my strongest suits.
Things I like to do for fun:
When I'm not busy helping brands achieve excellence through advertising and graphic design, you can catch me doing a variety of both niche and not-so-niche things:
> playing RPGs
I love storytelling, and my advertising work is a reflection of that. My love for stories extends to games as well, a medium that can prove remarkably useful when you're in a creative rut, or act as a boost to imagination. My top three favorite games at the time of writing this are:

Persona 3 FES

God of War

Spiderman (PS4)
> drawing
If my origin story was any indication, I've been drawing pretty much my whole life, with breaks here and there. With my art, what started as replication to build observation went onto become creation based on observation. I love pushing the boundaries of anatomy and perspective in my drawings, and never leave home without my sketchbook!

I stream my art almost everyday on my discord, hit me up on my socials to get an invite <-
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Thank you for reading this far! Or, if you scrolled all the way to see where this page ends, this is it. If you wish to discuss a project idea with me, ask me questions about art, or just chat about things I love...
You can find my resumé above, and I look forward to working with you :D